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Frequently Asqued Questions

What about you ?

Short Version

  • Born in Paris but lived in Nice, South east of France
  • Master degree in Computer Science
  • Intership Studies
  • Worked for:
    • 2 small Companies < 10 persons
    • 1 international Company > 1000s of people
  • 3 years traveling around the world
  • Canada - start a new life



  • Choosed to do the studies in a professional context
  • Promotion major 3 years in a row.
  • Master Thesis Mark: 16.45
  • Robotic laboratory & Competition (whole of France): Winner Arduino category


  • Curious and determined, I like to invest myself thoroughly.
  • Using my energy in knowledge, projects and efficiency
  • Traveling since 3 years: English, Spanish, French

Strenghts and weakness

How to describe your rofile in one word

  • Determined - make it happen


  • Determined - Make it happen
  • Relational - TeamWork. Helping the others naturally
  • Analyse - Good understanding and feelings about situations, peoples, datas.


  • Curious - Asking a lot of questions
  • Perfectionist - Finish completely something before to move on
  • Stressed
    • Becoming thoughtful and spending Overtime Thinking to everything can happen
    • Lot of organization - with calendars / list ... to do not forget anything

Professionnal Achievments

  • Software Designer and Developer - Thales Underwater System (SAS)
    • AWARD: Top Trainee + Recommandation Letter
    • PHP Refactoring
    • Design new business-oriented framework from scratch
  • PHP Web Application Developer - Interbat Services
    • Private business-oriented PHP framework discovering & leanring
    • Private business-oriented PHP Framework improving
  • Computer Network Technician - Monitoring Company
    • Network Administration: VOIP
    • Video editing: sony vegas movie studio platinum 10
    • Illustrations for a weekly magazine

Salary Expectations

  • 70 000$CAD to 90 000 $CAD
  • 65k for a beginner salary, to 120k for advanced, experienced position

Previous position

  • Data Support Package: PHP5 Web application inherited from SSDP
  • Sonar Support Data Package Maker: PHP5 Web application based on Evolve Framework
  • allowing Thales teams to use a designed business oriented interface to :
    • in a first time to filter through complex algorithm hundreds of thousands thales systems documentation - some with sensible datas
    • in a second time, arrange them in an organized, responsive, lightweith interface transportable offline as a computer folder readable with any exploitation system like linux or windows OS but also Android tablets.
  • The final clients who buy theses generated packages are french and foreign armys who needs to exploit the Thales Underwater Systems documentations in an offline, secured and responsive environment


  1. Improve & Develop new fonctionalities
  2. Give my opinion about the project regarding my personal skills
  3. Refactor progressively the application
  4. Design a new Object & Business-Oriented framework using MVC pattern
  5. improving the whole network and database integration
  6. Train new developers on the Framework by implementing tools & workflow
  7. Train French navy soldiers to the use of the application
  8. Taking part to the general documentation workflow of the CSS Team understanding the deep needs of the company as Visit a submarine & crew questioning about the number one application purpose

About the Team

  • n+2: Project Manager
  • n+1: Functional manager
  • n+1: Technical manager
  • Me as a DevOps PHP Developer, then as a FullStack Developer


  • SVN: Dev + Test + Prod
  • Splitting code by kinds PHP CSS JavaScript HTML
  • Creating Libraries
  • Language standardization(versions)
  • Libraries architecture in folders & Comments
  • Introduce First Objects: Root, SQL, User ...
  • First objects inherited from Root
  • Rendering HTML: Output Buffering & Extract function
  • iRoot & Configuration File
  • URL Rewriting

Used code

ob_start() - extract() - Requires - SQL Packages - MVC

Would Add

  • ORM
  • Excel powered by Javascript

Measurable results

  • Development
  • Productivity
  • Understanding
  • Team work

What did you like / dislike


  • Team members with years of experience
  • Innovative application and ideas for military application
  • work context and company - Sophia Antipolis is a European "Silicon Valley" with conferences and a lot of other ingeneers to meet and learn about.


  • Security & Old strategy is slowing new ideas with new concepts. In the case of this company, sure it is a necessary evil


Why do you want to work in Java, and no PHP anymore ?


  • Worked almost 6 years in PHP, even if it was in apprenticeship, i was coding every one day in PHP
  • I have explored many PHP frameworks
  • So i had a really complete experience in PHP i could put on my resume to actually try to have a better salary that what i am asking now
  • Often felt beeing limited about the possibilities of the language (no specifications until ...) even if it is possible to write windows software
  • To resume, i prefered to choose challenging project and interest versus the type of language.


  • now, because of my holidays break, i just decided to use the "renew" toi ask myself about in wich domain i would like to work


  • Java is a really generalised language allowing programmers to code on every system, and plateforms. i feel the possibilities huge
  • it has a lot of tools to make the developer life easier
  • it is base for android applications and i would like to create some personal projects in domotic applications

The company

  • 43 years
  • 80% of part of the market
  • GodFather system
  • Encouraging Formations & Certifications
  • Worldwild Famous

Why us rather than another company

  • Encouraging Formations & Certifications
  • Possibilities of evolution
  • Changing projects so various skills

What are your motivations for joining this team

  • Integrate an experienced team
  • Evolutions Possibilities
  • Famous Company
  • Prove Myself
  • ... Some knowledge about the company

Do you have any questions?

  • What king of project ? Java ?
  • Team ?
  • Hours ?
  • Salary ?
  • ... Some specific question about the company


What are your professional ambitions at two or five years?

  • Earn by proving myself a project manager position
  • Bring my knowledge and skills to boost a new project as much as possible


  • What do you know about us
  • Do you know the salary of your profile ?
    • Senior
    • Beginner
    • What do you expect
  • what is the most difficult situation you have faced at work
  • What are your goals for the future
    • Where do you see yourself in 5 years
  • How do you respond to work under pressure
  • Do you have any questions for me

Software versions

  • HTML5.2
  • PHP 7.1.29
  • JDK 12
  • Java SE 8u211
  • Javascript ECMAScript 2018

Personal Experiences in JAVA

  • SupMarket :Json, web services, ejb, updater, hibernate
  • Chat : serveur + quelques commandes
  • Jeu 2D ==> Urban Marginal Multijoueur BTS (swing)
  • Copie de données en entreprise de façon sécurisée via un utilisateur SQL (swing)
  • Application pour calculer le TEG
  • JUG
  • Spring Boot, site perso
  • Je commence à m'intéresser à React, Node.js, AngularJS